ILCAM: an open house to the world

Sharing is the secret to ILCAM’s success.  This sums up a philosophy that the company likes to put into effect with facts, through a spirit of confrontation and exchange of ideas.  It is a business culture that is practiced every day in ILCAM thanks to constructive team work, that focuses on the person and individual responsibility as well as to the open customer-relationship, inspired by the values of listening and embracing.

This local and global mentality is nurtured in a special territory: Cormòns, where ILCAM is headquartered, is in Friuli Venezia Giulia, in the northeast Italy, bordering with Slovenia.

In this land where farming traditions are deep-rooted, where the Collio gives some of the most sublime wines of Italy, where the Friulian lifestyle, the proximity to the Slavic world and ties with central Europe have shaped a civilization that is true to itself and with a European influence and where sound principles stand: passion for work, keeping one’s word, trusting cooperation, transparency and punctuality, propensity towards other peoples and other cultures, hospitality.

If you would like to share all this and involve us in your future projects, ILCAM will open its doors to you, as we believe that the path to the future should be built together.

Do not hesitate to book a work visit to ILCAM to get a closer look at our business.