A winning diversification strategy

Unity in Diversity: to meet the most diverse demands of its international market, since the 90s, ILCAM has diversified production through its SBUs – Strategic Business Units.
Each unit manages key technologies for the three macro-areas of product decoration and protection: wood, foil and paint. This evolved architecture gives shape to a complete and flexible industrial system with decisive advantages for the customer:

  • the widest range of products in the industry;
  • tailored packaging and logistics auxiliary services;
  • economies of scale, production synergies, efficient organization;
  • total production control;
  • human resources focused more on research and customization;
  • high levels of specialization;
  • unique customer sales interface.

A vertical integration strategic diversification, witnessed in an exemplary manner by the opening of an ILCAM plant in Romania, for the procurement of sustainable wood and on-site processing.