Philosophy and method of expression

After making a radical choice of multi-technological production diversification, ILCAM has been working more intensively on the organizational level since 2012, adopting the Lean Manufacturing system driven by precise entrepreneurial motivations:

  • strong awareness of the value of the human resources;
  • the ambition of pursuing a long-term sustainable competitive advantage in an unstable economic situation;
  • the willingness to transfer an excellent organizational model to other areas.

A choice aimed at achieving multiple goals:

  • continuous performance improvement;
  • elimination of any waste of resources and time;
  • increased value added activities;
  • permanent staff training.

The application of Lean Manufacturing contributes to transforming business culture by:

  • generating value through ideas that are renewed every day;
  • supporting kaizen, i.e. continuous improvement;
  • engaging in the daily practice of simplicity and efficiency.

With extraordinary benefits for the customer as well.