ILCAM provides component distributors with a leading experience in the production of furniture frontals.

Thanks to its productive flexibility, ILCAM is able to supply both finished parts and panels or semi-finished products, allowing distributors to lower costs and perform the finishing processes in-house to provide customers added customization value.

The ability to integrate a full range of technologies and processes makes ILCAM a viable and responsive partner, who is capable of meeting the most varied product demands, providing sound support in logistics and inventory management, too.

The experience consolidated by ILCAM in co-marketing at an international level, guarantees customers a competence to interpret local styles in a refined manner, combined with a European imprint and a touch of the made in Italy craftsmanship.

Always sensitive to lifestyle trends, ILCAM is today the European brand of the sector that mostly pays attention to masstige: the application of the dream factor to mass markets. This is an additional strategic factor to meet demand and supply at a good value for money ratio.

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