Deep-rooted total quality

All ILCAM’s activities, from design to production, sales and post-sales services, take place in a total quality system.

ILCAM - Deep-rooted total quality
ILCAM - Deep-rooted total quality
ILCAM - Deep-rooted total quality

ILCAM is ISO 9001-certified for quality, ISO 14001-certified for the environment, FSC® and PEFC-certified to ensure the source of raw material from eco-sustainable cultivations. ILCAM has also implemented the health and safety management system according to the OHSAS 18001 standard.

In its Code of Ethics ILCAM has defined the principles and guidelines that inspire the corporate management decisions and the management style and conduct of operations: these principles guide the responsibilities and conduct of all those working at ILCAM.
The guidelines followed are those listed in the SA8000® standard, which fully sums up the spirit of ILCAM’s ethical policy.

As a deep-rooted choice in ILCAM’s daily life and history, is the value for quality, as witnessed by the certifications that confirm its long-standing commitment in this field.

1995 – ISO 9001

2001 – FSC

2010 – PEFC

2010 – ISO 14001

2013 – OHSAS 18001

2021 – ISO 45001

2022 – ISO 50001