High levels of industrialization combined with craftsmanship of the components, guaranteed by qualified personnel. Maximum number of integrated processes to create the widest range of furniture frontals for the living room, the bathroom and especially the kitchen environment. Advanced management and quality control systems, to make customer service more accurate and reliable. Efficiency and effectiveness guaranteed by a widely certified company system, which has adopted Lean Manufacturing since 2012.

These strong points make ILCAM the reference partner for furniture manufacturers, thanks to the capacity not only of meeting the most restrictive compliance requirements, but also of identifying and offering the most targeted and innovative solutions, ranging from all styles and processing technologies, with an experience that has been successfully confronted for many years with the world market.

The flexibility and commitment of the staff to achieve customer satisfaction make it possible to promptly respond to emergencies, also thanks to just-in-time processing available for certain product types and tailored logistics that can include stock management.

To help customers with a service that is even more complete and ample, ILCAM can count on its network of specialized partners to provide frames, baseboards, pillars, curved doors and other accessories.

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