The ILCAM world is populated by people

ILCAM People

The ILCAM world is populated by people
who share projects, experiences and goals. In this work logic, it is appropriate to harmonize several dimensions:

ico efficency

The overall quality and efficiency of the company system.

ico people

The satisfaction of the person, who must operate in a condition of safety and well-being and be able to express his or her potential in an equal opportunity situation.

ico teamwork

The value of team working, both within the group and in relation to customers and suppliers.

To achieve and maintain these results,
ILCAM employs various tools:
as a behavioural point of reference
to LEAN MANUFACTURING as an operating method
that involves each person in sharing ideas
and responsibilities

With this spirit, being ILCAM PEOPLE means dressing a style that goes beyond the corporate walls and also looks at external relationships with customers, suppliers, and stakeholders in general.

It means working with warmth, transparency, loyalty and enthusiasm; with confidence in others and the paths to be taken together.


For a company that wants to grow, employees are the most valuable asset to be cultivated, trained and preserved, with care and attention to the quality of life in the workplace, as shown by the ILCAM management system that has been OHSAS 18001-certified since 2013. More importantly, ILCAM gives voice to its employees, with participatory tools that make views and ideas circulate.


ILCAM started and grew up with its suppliers, in a business fabric that has been dedicated to furniture production for decades. Thanks to this network of partners, ILCAM has been able to expand its range with the addition of complementary accessories and products, increasing the strength and appeal of the group: with the certainty of a method and quality alignment, which makes these collaborators an integral part of the ILCAM industry, that is, co-protagonists of our success in the world.


The recent development of ILCAM has expanded the traditional reference targets towards new ever-evolving frontiers where that mix of technological innovation, trendy design, corporate organization that make the difference are increasingly appreciated.