December 04 2017


Packaging design, labelling, warehouse and transportation logistics tailored to the customer’s requirements in order to meet the most demanding needs and provide the highest level of service.

  • 30.000 square meters of covered Warehouses
  • Two warehouses:


  • AS/RS warehouse (Automatic Storage & Retrieval System)
  • supplied with an AGV to Licar 2 facility
  • mainly used to store Licar own production
  • 13.000 pallets storage capacity*


  • Man-Aboard Storage and Retrieval System and compactable racking warehouse
  • 30% of the space with compactable racking dedicated to accessories operated with reach trucks
  • 30% of the space with compactable racking dedicated to standard pallets operated with reach trucks
  • 40% of the space dedicated to high racks stackers
  • 16.000 pallets storage capacity*

*: 800×1200 pallet dimension

  • Operating from 7:00 to 20:00
  • Two loading bays dedicated to containers (rear loading)
  • 15 trucks per day loading capacity (side loading)
  • All the material of Ilcam group stored in one place
  • Easier to organize full trucks
  • Possibility to combine on the same truck material produced by different units of the Group (Ilcam, Licar, Lanta)