June 26 2017

ILCAM Welfare

For ILCAM, employees are the most valuable asset, to be cultivated, trained and preserved, with care and attention to the quality of life in all its aspects. For this reason, ILCAM has decided to take the way of Welfare to meet the needs of its workers and their families.

The initiative stems from the precise intent to put people and families, that operate within our factories, to the first place. Services, designed to support workers in various aspects of family life, are organized in several categories: EDUCATION, HEALTH, SECURITY, TRAVEL AND SPORT, CULTURE AND FREE TIME.

From the 1st of July 2017, web portal ILCAM Benessere (ILCAM Welfare) will be active, a portal where will be available a Welfare Plan providing services and benefits for every ILCAM worker. Within the portal will be available all the information about the different services and their operation so that everyone can make the most suitable choice for their needs.

We are happy and satisfied to be able to give this opportunity to ILCAM People, aware that with them we can overcome every challenge that will comes. Every day, MORE THAN A THOUSAND people compete in the variety and quality of product and service that has led to the success of ILCAM in the world, and it was our duty to use every means available to return this dedication to work and professionalism.