July 31 2017

From materials to technologies: an advanced system

ILCAM, to cope with the complexity of materials and technologies involved, has decided to operate a diversification strategy through Strategic Business Units.

A policy which makes it virtually unique within its own sector and which translates into a series of fundamental advantages, with to regards the quality, economic and the broadest range of products offered and auxiliary services as packaging and integrated logistics, and from the viewpoint of use of technological and human resources, innovation and customization.

This diversification strategy, began in the ‘90s, born to cope with different and multiple needs of market and which translates in Strategic Business Units that hold the key manufacturing technologies for the three macro-areas of product decoration and protection: wood, paint and foil, thus creating an advanced and complete system.

Each ILCAM’s Strategic Business Unit contributes to this overall picture: each with its own know-how and its own specialization. Exploiting synergies and maintaining always a unique interface with the customer.