September 04 2017

Positive energy: Green Vocation

Clean energy. Large sites and big productivity capacity require high quantities of energy: for this reason the priorities of ILCAM include investments in the research and development of renewable energy sources, able to meet the corporate needs while respecting the environment.

The 20.000 m² of photovoltaic area produce a quantity of 2.240.000 kWh per year, thus reducing 2.900.000.000 g emissions of CO₂ in the atmosphere each year. All of this exploiting with intelligence a resource abundantly and always available.

Energy efficiency. Reducing the environmental and economic impact of the corporate energy balance also means improving the efficiency of the company processes.

Within ILCAM’s plants, we have replaced fluorescent lights with LED lights. In the same way, all production systems are monitored in order to analyse the energy consumption and optimize them.